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As a Chief Technology Officer with more than 22 years of substantial technical experience in the software industry, I have a passion for engineering and innovation. My journey started in the early 2000s with the LAMP stack, which was popular back then. My relentless curiosity and passion for learning have allowed me to explore various domains, from Backend and Frontend development to DevOps, Mobile applications, and Cloud Computing, using languages like Python, Java, JavaScript, Node.js, and, in recent years, Rust. This has helped me gain a holistic vision of the end-to-end software development process and all the layers involved in it across developments in sectors such as Media, E-Commerce, Manufacturing, and the Internet.As my career progressed, my determination to embrace new challenges led me to transition from technical roles to leadership and management positions over the last decade. One of the most enriching experiences I've had was the opportunity to manage engineering teams of all sizes across different countries and cultures. These experiences truly broaden your perspective and contribute significantly to career growth. In recent years, my career has evolved into more critical roles where, as CTO, I have had the chance to define, shape, and lead the IT and engineering strategies of companies, particularly in the SaaS industry. During this time, I have also been a public speaker at various events and conferences, which has helped me improve my communication skills.I believe that achieving a balance between long-term goals and quick decision making is key in the software industry. Therefore, I approach challenges with a pragmatic mindset but always keeping my focus on long-term objectives. I hold myself to high standards and always fostering a culture of excellence to empower and inspire my engineering teams to strive for the highest standards. One thing I've learned over the years is that reality, deadlines, and the necessary pragmatism required in software development may lower your ideal standards, so it's crucial to set those standards high from the beginning.Currently, as I have done throughout my career, I am working on several projects and continue learning every day in new areas that I find exciting, such as artificial intelligence, distributed computing, and emerging computing paradigms.

Pablo Magaz in Codemotion Conf Madrid
Pablo Magaz in Commit Conf Madrid
Pablo Magaz in Pablo Ceu University
Pablo Magaz in Commit conf Madrid
Pablo Magaz in JSDay ES Madrid


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